Ground Source Heat Pumps

A Ground Source Heat Pump captures energy from within the ground. This energy is constantly being replaced by the solar rays striking the earth on a daily basis. By positioning a network of pipes below the surface it is possible to capture enough energy to provide all of the space heating and domestic hot water requirements of a house.

Energy collector options:

Horizontal Collector: Using a network of pipes laid 1M below the surface, a fluid is pumped through the pipe work which absorbs energy for the heat pump to convert into a usable heat. (can also be laid under a lake where available).

Horizontal Loop

Vertical Collector: Boreholes are drilled into the earth/bedrock vertical downwards. A fluid is then used to absorb energy from below the surface, which is then converted in the heat pump.

Systems are clean and odour free, with simple maintenance requirements offering an ideal solution for both new build and existing properties where land is available.

Vertical Loop

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