Air Source Heat Pumps

An Air Source Heat Pump captures energy from the outside air, which is then constantly replaced by the solar rays that strike the earth on a daily basis. An outdoor unit is generally designed to be able to recover energy from the outside air down to approximately – 20°C. This low temperature energy is then converted in the Heat Pump to heat that can be used to provide for space heating or domestic hot water.

A correctly sized and installed system can provide for all of the property’s space heating and domestic hot water requirements efficiently and with a lower carbon footprint than traditional heating options. The Heat Pump utilises tried and tested technology that we are all familiar with in our kitchen fridge and freezer.

The major benefits of a heat pump are the high efficiency and low carbon footprint. Typically for every unit of electricity used to power the compressor the heat pump will output 3-4 units of heat – this makes them 300-400% efficient, which compares to typical efficiencies of 85-95% for traditional heating systems.

Benefits of Air Source Heat Pump?

  • High efficiencies, with clean and discrete heating.
  • Low carbon footprint utilising electricity which can be generated renewably.
  • No natural gas supply, flues, ventilation or chimney required.
  • Ideal for underfloor heating and water filled radiators
  • Minimal maintenance required (annual checks of safety systems, operational efficiency, cleaning of filters, heating distribution system check etc).
  • Long warranties for quality products – typically up to 7 years.

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